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Wellbeing by Montse


How do I book a treatment / class / course?

Massage treatments: You can book your treatment, class or course via telephone on 07847 588 541 which can be through a phone call (please note that I should be performing a treatment or a class and I won't take the call, I would recommend a SMS instead), a text message or a wapp, and via Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. You can also submit the contact form on this website.

Baby massage and yoga courses, classes and workshops: It depends on the venue. Contact me for more info.

Children's and family yoga: It depends on the venue. Contact me for more info.

What payment methods do you use?

Massage treatments: Cash or card payments on the day of the treatment or bank transfer in advance (please, ask us for our bank details) are accepted at this time.

Baby massage and yoga: Full payment is required before the class, course or workshop starts (deposit or full amount, depending on the venue. Contact me if you need more information).

Do I need to pay for your travel costs when you come at home?

Massage treatments: I provide mobile treatment within the postcode HD8 with no additional charges.

If you are based outside this area, it might be an additional fee for mileage and travel time.

What will I need on the day of treatment, course, class or workshop?

Massage treatments: All you need is a space ready in your home which is large enough to set up the massage table.

I also recommend a space free from distractions to make the treatment ideal. Due to Covid-19 I now also ask clients to bring their own towels.

Baby massage and yoga: Due to Covid-19, I now ask to bring your own towel/ muslin cloth. Please, note that at the moment and until the government procedures don't change, I won't be providing drinks, so please bring your water bottle. I will provide mats (they will be disinfected after each use), organic vegetable oil (for baby massage classes), hand sanitiser and tissues,. Please bring a plastic bag.

Children's and family yoga:  Due to Covid-19, I now ask to bring your own towel. I will provide mats (they will be disinfected after each use), hand sanitiser and tissues. Bring your own water bottle, since I won't be providing drinks.

Do you offer your services to men?

Massage treatments: Unfortunately I do not offer any of our treatment to men as a mobile therapist.