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Wellbeing by Montse

The importance of play

Play is essential for children since it offers them the opportunity to develop skills in all areas of their development: cognitive, physical, social and emotional. It is a way to learn, communicate, interact, solve problems, reduce stress... and it's fun! The lack of play can have negative and long-lasting effects.

It is also so important to play outside as it gives your child the chance to explore, discover their surroundings, have more space to move freely, walk, run, jump, get muddy, collect nature objects...

 "Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning"

- Mr Rogers -


The benefits of play 

The benefits of play are huge! Some of them are developing fine and gross motor skills, promoting their imagination and creativity, learning about cause-effect, problem solving, building self-confidence and esteem, reinforcing memory, sharing and socialising, communicating, creating a nice bond with you, making memories... and much more!