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Wellbeing by Montse

Baby Yoga classes are a fabulous way to support your baby’s physical and emotional development.

It is conscious gentle movements and stretches, involving also relaxation and communication skills. Moreover, every single aspect supports baby's development.

Baby Yoga Benefits

Baby Yoga shares similar benefits to baby massage such as bonding, relaxation, can help boost circulation and digestion, support the lymphatic system encouraging the removal of waste and toxins in the body… Baby yoga can also help strengthen your baby’s muscles and joints, flexibility and stimulating your baby’s vestibular and proprioceptive systems.

The vestibular system controls the movement and balance in your body, sending messages to the brain to let it know if your body is moving or staying still, so that it can maintain orientation, determine direction and speed, and the body’s muscles and joints can adapt to maintain posture and stability. Baby Yoga helps the development of the vestibular system by movement, drops, swings and dance. By stimulating your baby's vestibular system, you are helping their entire motor development. The different holds and the variations of speed in movement during Baby Yoga is also fantastic because the babies can distinguish the different speeds, the position of the head in relation to gravity and its voluntary control, it activates the protective reflexes…

The proprioceptive system is the sense of body awareness and the movement of the arms and legs, which babies don’t have when they are born and they develop it over months. The proprioceptive sense is stimulated every time we move a muscle or joint to give us the ability to control our body. By moving your baby’s body in a controlled way and using the exercises in baby yoga and positive touch (such as through massage), your baby will become more aware of movement and the position of its body and its different parts, as well as discovering they own abilities and their surroundings.

During the baby yoga classes babies experience gentle stretches which help tone the muscles and improve co-ordination. We also incorporate lots of tummy time that gives babies the opportunity to strengthen their neck muscles and encourage them to progress their gross motor skills, such as crawling. Swings, dips and movement help babies develop their balance.

We accompany the movements with songs and nursery rhymes which assists with speech, language development and communication between parent and baby.

Baby yoga can also provide relief for wind, constipation and colicky babies as movement help stimulate the immature digestive system and providing the tummy space for trapped wind to pass.

In addition, the release of oxytocin in both parent and babies can help to promote relaxation and happiness, helping parents to be able to better respond, understand and become aware of their babies’ cues.

In short, boosting wellbeing while spending quality time together.

Baby Yoga courses

My courses run for 4 consecutive week (each class lasting about 45 minutes-one hour) and are suitable for babies from 12 weeks to 12 months old.

Classes are baby led, fun and relaxed. You don't need to have practiced yoga before, even if we do some breathing exercises and some yoga poses, it is a class focused on baby's development.

I keep the groups small since it is important to give plenty attention to each parent, I am holding a space for mums and babies to listen and share, where you do as much as you need and leave whatever you don’t want, where your baby is in charge of the class and you will be respected and empowered.

Group courses (further information in the "Courses and bookings" section) and private classes available in the comfort of your own home, either one to one, with your partner or a group of friends.