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Wellbeing by Montse

Baby Massa​ge​

Baby Massage is an ancient art used in many cultures to help with a variety of physical and emotional

needs and to promote relaxation, which is passed down from mum to daughter .

Although infant massage has existed for centuries in many countries such as India, Africa, Asia, New

Zealand and the Caribbean, this ancient art has only recently became popular In the west during the

1970's, when western practitioners reported its therapeutic benefits in a daily care routine.

Baby Massage is a wonderful and special gift which you can share with your baby. It is based on the positive benefits of bonding and nurturing touch. Massaging your baby provides a wonderful opportunity to express your love, trust and security whilst meeting the need for touch and affection that is so essential for the healthy development of babies. Touch is a baby’s most developed sense at birth and you can use it to communicate with your baby immediately.

Baby massage has amazing benefits for parents and babies. Integrating massage into the parent/child

relationship offers another way for you to get to know and understand your baby, it allows greater

understanding of your baby’s cues (non-verbal language) and establishes trust and security which will

support the development of a happy and confident relationship.

"Human beings cannot survive without touch;

it is a basic behavioural need"

Dr. Ashley Montagu -

Baby Massage benefits

Massage is an amazing way to help communicate love to your baby, enhancing bonding and also

supporting your baby’s development.

It can boost the somatosensory system which oversees sensations such as pain, temperature, and pressure and can improve the proprioception system which gives your baby a sense of the position and movement in their body. Every touch that your baby receives starts a variety of nervous system responses in the body helping him/her to build up a 3D picture of the world and his/her place in it. 

Positive touch releases oxytocin in both parent and baby which is the 'love' hormone promoting feelings

of nurturing and wellbeing.

It is great for colicky babies as it helps break down gas bubbles, pass wind, tone the digestive tract and

improve brain to tummy communication so that the digestive system works more efficiently.

The gentle strokes and the soothing music all help to create a wonderful, relaxing experience.

However, giving a massage is also positive for parents, with great benefits such as increased confidence,

competence and self-esteem in your role as a parent, better understanding of your baby, promotes

secure attachment, alleviates the symptoms of post-natal depression, improves the level of intimacy

between a father and baby, improves the bond between parents and babies...

So, when you touch and massage your baby, it is more than just relaxing. It is helping your baby

understand their body, their environment and is the foundation of development.

To sum up, boosting wellbeing while spending quality time together.

"Nothing is so healing as the human touch"

- Bobby Fischer -

Baby Massage courses

My courses run for 4 consecutive week (each class lasting 45 mint-1 hour) and are suitable for babies from 6 weeks to pre-crawling. 

Classes are fun and relaxed and give parents the opportunity not only to earn how to use nurturing touch to bond with their baby, strokes for different parts of the body, gentle movements and a routine for wind and colic, but also to make new friends, share their experiences, discuss about any issue they are concerned about, talk and support each other...

We know life can be unpredictable (and sometimes difficult to plan) so if you miss a class, don’t worry as we’ll recap during the next session or we can always meet before the class. As classes are totally baby led (meaning that all baby behaviour is welcome), please don’t be concerned about class times coinciding with sleep or feed times, if your baby cries, need to get changed… you will still have the chance to learn and do it at home, and you will still have a deserved time to socialise with other parents and get out of the house.

I keep the groups small since we believe it is important to give the appropriate attention to each parent, I hold a space for mums and babies to listen and share, where you take as much as you need and leave whatever you don’t want, where your baby is in charge of the class and you will be respected and empowered.

Group courses (further information in the "Courses and bookings" section) and private classes available in the comfort of your own home, either one to one, with your partner or a group of friends.

Pre-recorded Baby Massage course available to purchase in the "Courses and bookings" section.